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100% Human Indian Remy hair extensions, all different type/color/textures, different pieces for a set!

This is our signature clip-in weft made with 4 layers of 100% human Remy hair that you won’t find anywhere else. The super-weft everybody is raving about is the best way to add extra volume and bounce to your hair in less than 2 minutes. The construction of the quad weft is very secure featuring 4 single pieces sewn onto one reinforced mesh seam and 4 small and sturdy clips that will lay flat on your scalp without creating any bulge.

you want so much volume and length that a normal set of extensions just isn't enough your hair is quite thin so a volumising weft is the only thing you need to make it look amazing, but still natural

Although as thick and impressive as some other brands' entire sets, this volumising weft will blend in seamlessly and literally take seconds to install. The thickness of the hair is consistent from top to bottom and the weft can be very easily washed, heat styled, cut and colored. We use top of the line hair and a special treatment unique to Grace hair to add extra silkiness and durability.

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